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Green Commute Challenge 2017 June 1 to Aug 31, 2017

Organization NamePoints
Fuel Saved
GHG Saved
Organization Size Group500 +
City of Kansas City, Missouri42924799,84871,314700,2432,70953,247
Hallmark Cards11148302,50359,44117,2532,18442,919
KUMC/University of Kansas Health System8016181,82413,532325,30351510,127
Shook, Hardy & Bacon326477749,9407,0024649,120
Johnson County2676126065,62322,9771492,936
Strolling to Bolling 161273522,13312,932961,891
Kansas City, KS128472969489,55129572
City of Overland Park127662561,24173,12048951
Metropolitan Community College37278648918,74917342
Organization Size Group250 To 499
Team Stinson5584141,28510,92817,8964609,046
Shawnee Green Team4068278818,67441,9062815,522
MRIGlobal Trekker252475855,1138,9231472,888
KPMG KC Green Team191664336,9131,1422865,626
Organization Size Group < 250
KCPL - Read and Ride10352312,42912,703167,3135009,817
BikeWalkKC Community Team6204161,4246,371291,2982865,612
MARC Green Team5144251,16115,98627,36455110,829
Boulevard Brewing Co. Green Commuters2368195602,40335,774881,727
Green Commute Challenge Community Team2332752011,4701,3884749,323
KCU Green Commute178464276,59311,0472274,465
City of Mission Green Commute Team151653461,14241,23850992
Think Big147293281,6274,886581,140
Riding & Reading141233352,84052,1591212,386
Go Green or Go Home121642832,40619,83447932
HUD FMC102432424,2551993,914
KU Edwards Campus Commuters52041281,41030,188631,248
Garver Green Go-ers4965962,5031152,263
KC Healthy Kids11262826412233
Friends of Chamber Music7211616944114
My Organization

What is the Green Commute Challenge?

The Green Commute Challenge showcases your company’s environmental leadership while encouraging employees to explore money-saving commuting options. For twelve weeks during the height of the ozone season, employer based teams choose alternatives to driving alone — carpool, bus, streetcar, vanpool, cycling, walking and telecommuting.

Team members record their green commute trips to earn points for their team and get entered in drawings for daily, weekly and monthly prizes.

Are you ready for the Challenge? Let’s go!

How do I sign up for the Green Commute Challenge?

Register as an individual

  1. Log in to your RideshareKC account.
  2. If new to the RideshareKC website, register for an account. Be sure to confirm your email. (Hint: if you don’t see the confirmation email in your inbox, check your spam folder.)
  3. Click on “Challenge Manager” under the “Green Commute Challenge” tab. Search for your organization's team and click the ‘JOIN’ button to the left of the team name.
  4. Watch your inbox for weekly updates—team standings, weekly winners, upcoming prizes and our collective impact.

Register your company's team

Leading a team is easy—Rideshare staff will send all the resources needed to register a team, promote the challenge and familiarize employees with their commute options.

Note: If you create a team, you will be considered the team leader for your organization.

  1. Create your account, or log in to your existing account.
  2. Go to the ‘Challenge Manager’ and click the ‘Register New Organization’ button, then follow the instructions. Your team is now created, and your employees can join the team.
  3. A Rideshare staff member will contact you to help you make the most of your Challenge participation.

Teams compete against employers of a similar size to see who can log the most Green Commute trips. The size categories are:

  • Small employers — less than 250
  • Medium employers — between 250 and 500
  • Large employers — more than 500

If your employer chooses not to field a team

If your employer is not participating, you can still participate on your own by joining the Green Commute Challenge Community Team. Call Rideshare at 816-842-7433 or email us if you have any questions.

How do I earn points?

Use your RideshareKC Commute Calendar to log work-related trips. Trips using these modes will earn 4 points each way: carpool, vanpool, bus, streetcar, bicycle, walk, telecommute and working a compressed work week.

Any alternative transportation trips made on Ozone Alert Days earn double points!

NEW! Now you can log your trips on the go with the RideshareKC mobile app! Go to the RideshareKC home page for more information, a demo and a link to download the app.

How do I use the Commute Calendar?

  • Click on “Log my Trips” under the “For Commuters” tab, or click “Go to Commute Calendar” on the Calendar tile.
  • Drag the icon for your trip mode over to the corresponding date on the calendar.
  • Fill in the required fields and then click save. Once the trip appears on the calendar, click the green save icon to add it to your saved trips. If you need help, there’s a handy video on the commute calendar page.

Please be as accurate and honest as you can.

How do I log multi-modal trips?

If you use more than one mode for your work commute, such as bicycle/bus or walking/bus, you may report that in the challenge, provided the bicycling or walking trip is at least one mile round-trip. Just log each leg as a separate commute trip.

What about lunch or work trips during the day?

Carpooling to lunch? Walking to a meeting? Those trips count too. Log them like you would a regular commute trip—just add the details for that specific trip.

This example shows a carpool commute on Monday and a carpool commute with a lunch trip on the KC Streetcar on Tuesday.

I'm not looking for a carpool partner. How can I make sure I don’t show up on someone’s match list?

  • Click the “Trip Profiles” tile on your dashboard
  • Click the people icon on the upper right corner
  • Click on number 3—“Trip Visibility” and set your preferences
  • Click “Save”

Will I get more points if I go back to previous months and log trips?

Sorry, only trips taken from June 1-August 31, 2017, will count for the Challenge. But you can still record trips any time of the year to track your savings and see how much pollution you prevent by choosing alternatives to driving alone.

Can I count a hybrid vehicle, scooter or motorcycle trips in the Challenge?

Sorry, we know there is interest in reporting trips taken using these types of vehicles, but the underlying purpose of the Green Commute Challenge is to take vehicles off the road. For this reason, the Challenge is designed to highlight modes of transportation instead of the type of vehicle driven. Additionally, while hybrids, motorcycles and scooters offer excellent gas mileage, their emissions levels can vary greatly.


Contact the Rideshare team: info@ridesharekc.org.