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Find easy alternatives to driving alone with RideshareKC.

Reinvent your commute and save a bundle — join a vanpool

Join a vanpool

A vanpool is a big carpool where seven to twelve people meet up and ride to work together in a designated van.


One person in the group volunteers to drive. Everyone else is free to read, nap, check email or just relax.

Worried about getting stuck at work without a ride? No problem! Register for the Guaranteed Ride Home program and we’ll get you home in case of illness or emergency.

Ready to get started? The RideKC Van program has vans available now. Maintenance, insurance and gas are included in an easy monthly payment. Learn more.

Use our commute calculator to see how much driving alone costs you.

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Come together to share the ride

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Ride Home

Get home in case of an emergency

If you or your carpool buddy gets sick at work, learn how RideshareKC will provide a free ride home.

Options. Find a smarter, healthier way to commute.