Start an Employee Program

Try an alternative commute today!

Looking for a low cost way to save your employees money, help them get to work on time and lower their stress level?

Ready to join more than 100 Kansas City area companies in reducing air pollution?

RideshareKC can help you set up a custom transportation program to encourage your employees to take alternative transportation.

Educate and Encourage

We want to make it easy for you to educate and inform your employees about the benefits of alternative transportation.

  • We'll provide fliers, brochures, posters, graphics, slides and links for your company intranet.
  • Invite us to an on-site event. We'd love to have a table at your next benefits fair or present at a transportation lunch and learn or coffee break. We and our transit partners are happy to come answer questions and provide resources.

Remove Barriers

Some tips to make your program successful:

  • Help your employees find commute partners either within your company or throughout the region with the RideshareKC ride matching database.
  • Learn about flex time and teleworking options
  • Support active commutes by providing bike racks and shower facilities.
  • Provide a company car or a carshare membership for employees who have off-site meetings
  • Help employees sign up for the Guaranteed Ride Home program in case of an emergency.

Offer Incentives

Inspire employees to drive less and save more.

  • Offer discounted transit passes or vanpool subsidies.
  • Provide incentives for employees who use alternative transportation — gift cards, time off, cash or
    a prime parking spot.
  • Allow employees to cash out their parking spot.
  • Recognize employees who use alternative transportation.
  • Participate in the Green Commute Challenge.

Contact us today to help your employees drive less and save more.