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For Employers - Green Commute Challenge

About the Challenge | Challenge Manager | Challenge Sponsors | Challenge Prizes

Registration is open from May 3–July 7, 2017.

Why your company should participate in the 2017 Green Commute Challenge

Showcase your company’s environmental leadership while encouraging employees to explore money-saving commute options. Employees who regularly take alternatives to driving alone save money and experience less stress. And active transportation choices like walking and cycling contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Last year, Green Commute Challenge participants collectively reduced driving by 561,000 miles, saved $111,000 and prevented 431,000 pounds of pollutants. That goes to show how many small actions add up to a big impact. We hope your company will join us to make this year’s challenge the best yet!

Company Coordinators — Setting up your employer’s team

  • Sign into or create your RideshareKC.org account.
  • Click on "Challenge Manager” under the “Green Commute Challenge” tab.
  • Click on “Register New Organization” in the top right corner.
  • Follow the instructions to create your team. (Hint: use your company’s name in your team name. That makes it easier for employees to find it.)
  • To invite team participants, go to the “My Team Participation” then click “Invite new organization participant." People may also choose to sign up for the team on their own.
  • Once you have created a team, Rideshare staff will contact you and help you make the most of your challenge participation.

Encourage employees to choose alternatives to driving alone

Rideshare staff will provide you with informational brochures to distribute to employees. RideshareKC has information about most alternative commute choices — carpool, vanpool, transit, cycling, walking and telework.

Contest Updates

Each week, Rideshare staff will email a weekly update to all participants of the Green Commute Challenge. This update will include a list of weekly prize winners, a tally of team points in each size category, a summary of miles and emissions reduced to date, interesting facts about alternative transportation and profiles of area Green Commuters.

(Hint: Ask your IT department to whitelist ridesharekc.org so participants will be able to receive these updates and other communications.)


Teams compete against employers of a similar size to see who can log the most Green Commute trips. Top performing teams in each size category will be recognized and given an award at the closing celebration.